The Chaligne Refuge (mountain hut) opened on June the 21th 2006. It is located on the Alpe Chaligne (1943 m.), in the municipality of Gignod, along the track going from Buthier to Pointe Chaligne. From Buthier you can reach Alpe Mendey and the track “3A” (average hiking time: 1 hour and 15 minutes).
The refuge can even be reached by MTB (5 km along the unpaved road)

The Chaligne Refuge

The Chaligne Refuge (mountain hut) is the happy outcome of the renovation of a typical “wood and stone made” mountain chalet. In the renovation process a special attention was given to the environmental and ecological issues and tothe conservation of the existing architectural characters. Moreover, local materials were largely employed.
The furniture is partly made out of wood found during the cleaning operations of the areasurrounding the shelter, treated with ecological products.

Solar panels guarantee the clean hot water production and part of the shelter heating during colder months.
The interiors are furnished with taste, and a deep love for the traditional features.
The hikes to the mountain pastures, on the signed tracks, give the guests the pleasure to enjoy and get acquainted with the magnificent surrounding environment and rural life.