The Chaligne refuge is located on the Alpe Chaligne, at 1943 mt, along the track going from Buthier to Pointe Chaligne.
That track is the main road to the Shelter for the Guests.
From the small village of Buthier you can reach Alpe Mendey and, along the country path, find the start of the well signed A3 track (average hiking time: 1 hour and 15 minutes).

Many paths departure from the Refuge, going toward the guided tracks, perfect for whose willing to explore the rural environment, or toward the magnificent surrounding woods, where the local and unique fauna and flora can be discovered.
The morphology of the valley allows an easy access to mammals’ migrations from Switzerland, and some of them, as deers, are residential into the valley. Bird watching offers the chance to see species often uncommon on the Alps, especially in spring and autumn.

From the Refuge you can treck along many guided tracks, as:

Pointe Chaligne 2607 m.
Passo Tardiva 2410 m.
Cresta Tardiva 2380 m.
Col de Metz 2485 m.
Pointe de Metz 2553 m.
Col d’Arsy 2543 m.
Costa Labiez 2632 m.
Grande Tete 2455 m.
Mont d’Arsy 2827 m. e Mont de La Tsa 2742 m.
Mont Fallère 3090 m.